Exploring North Central Texas (Lavender Ridge Farms)

A gentle summer breeze blows carrying the fragrance of lavender and rain. Storm clouds roll off in the distance as the faint sound of thunder rumbles. Birds chirp and wing their way from tree to tree as I sit relaxed under the shade drinking my lavender iced tea. I then make my way to the mounds of purple blooms and stroll through the rows of lavender. Butterflies flutter by as bees busily buzz from blossom to blossom. An array of colorful herbs and plants surrounds me as I stand in the farm’s garden. A gust of wind suddenly picks up the dust from the dirt road as jade clouds blanket the sky above. Summer rain begins to plummet down, flashes of lightning light the sky followed by a dramatic clap of thunder. Excitement fills my soul as I run through the squall to the shelter of my jeep. The storm ravages through the country side and then as quickly as it came it begins to dissipate. The sun peeks through the once angry veil of clouds revealing once again its beautiful face. 

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